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What’s the difference between an LCD and an led?

Often see online people ask LCD and led display difference, Fudia here under a more comprehensive explanation of LCD and led what is the difference? Manufacturer propaganda LED backlight energy-saving, environmental protection are laugh uproariously? Are leds and lcds really that different? Follow Fudia and solve the riddle of the difference between led and LCD. Let’s break it down into smaller pieces.

1. What is an LCD?

LCD is the full name of Liquid Crystal Display, mainly TFT, UFB, TFD, STN and other types of Liquid Crystal Display can not locate the program input point on the DLL.

LAPTOP LCD screen is commonly used TFT. Thin Film Transistor (TFT) is a Thin Film Transistor, where each LCD Pixel is driven by a Thin Film Transistor integrated behind the Pixel, enabling high-speed, high-brightness, high-contrast display of screen information, is currently one of the best LCD color display devices, is now the mainstream display devices on laptops and desktops. Compared with Stn, TFT has excellent color saturation, restore ability and higher contrast, it is still very clear in the sun, but the disadvantage is more power consumption, and the cost is higher.

2. What are leds?

Led is an acronym for Light-Emitting Diode. Led applications can be divided into two categories: one is LED display screen; the other is LED single-pipe applications, including backlight LED, infrared LED, and so on. As far as LED displays are concerned, China’s design and production technology levels are basically in line with international standards. Led display is a display device arranged by the light-emitting Diode 5000 computer configuration list. It uses low-voltage scanning drive, with: less power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, fewer failures, large viewing angle, long visual distance and so on.

3. The difference between LCD and LED

Led display and LCD display, LED in brightness, power consumption, visual angle and refresh rate, are more advantages have been canceled to the page navigation. Using LED technology, you can make displays that are thinner, brighter, and clearer than lcds.

1. leds consume about 1:10 of the power of lcds, and leds are more energy efficient.

2. leds have higher refresh rates and better video performance.

3. Led provides up to 160 wide viewing angle, can display all kinds of text, digital, color image and animation information, can play TV, video, VCD, DVD and other color video signal.

4. The individual elements of an LED display react 1,000 times faster than an LCD screen, can be seen in bright light, and can be adapted to temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. Simply put, LCD and LED are two different display technologies. LCD is a display made of liquid crystals, while LED is a display made of light-emitting diode.

Friends, now should understand the difference between LCD and led bar! So everyone will say LED so good, then I must buy LED display! However, the main point of this article is that the current market said LED display is not the true meaning of LED display, to be precise, LED backlight liquid crystal display, LCD panel is still a traditional LCD display, in a sense, this is more or less fraudulent! Samsung, the South Korean company, has been accused by the British Advertising Association of violating the country’s advertising laws because its “LEDTV” LCD TV is suspected of misleading consumers. For Liquid Crystal Display, the most important key is the type of LCD panel and backlight, while the LCD panel on the market monitor generally uses TFT panel, is the same, leds and lcds differ only in the type of backlight they have: LED backlight and CCFL backlight (also known as a fluorescent lamp) , diodes and cold cathode tubes, respectively. The difference between an LED display and an LCD display:

Led backlight: Save 30% ~ 50% power compared to CCFL, high price, high brightness and saturation.

CCFL backlight: compared to the LED backlight power consumption is still more than CRT power saving, cheap.

screen differences: LED backlights are brighter, more saturated CCFL and LED natural light source is not the same. How

differs: The LED backlight will emphasize the LED TV, not the CCFL LCD TV

Post time: Jun-10-2020