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Car TFT display to work in extreme temperature environment

With the development of artificial intelligence, in-vehicle display content will continue to be enriched, and the specifications of in-vehicle LCD panels are also increasing. High-definition display quality, high brightness, large size, wide viewing angle, thin, lightweight, high reliability , Low power consumption, etc. So, what conditions do Xunrui Optoelectronics’ tft LCD screens need to meet?




The high-brightness LCD screen needs to be visible and waterproof under ultra-bright sunlight while achieving normal operation in extreme temperature environments. In addition, the GPU and display screen of the LCD module will generate heat during use. The higher the resolution of the LCD screen, the greater the heat.

  Therefore, finding or developing a hardware product suitable for use in the car environment, and matching a set of hardware environment that meets the requirements of vehicle use are also the technical difficulties of the R&D team. For these reasons, compared with the resolution of mobile phones, TVs and other monitors, car displays are more conservative.

Post time: Jul-07-2020